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Which Pass Should I choose?

If you have one or two participants, opt for the "Tournament Competitor" category. For three or more participants, designate two as "Tournament Competitors" and one as an "Additional Family Competitor."

Select "Tournament Competitor + Board Breaking" if you intend to participate in both categories. Opt for "Board Breaking Only" if you prefer not to compete in Forms or Sparring. (Applicable to Black Belt Competitors aged 18 and above.)

Can I participate in Board Breaking?

You must be a Black Belt & 18+ years old to participate in Board Breaking.

If you have registered for board breaking, don't forget to purchase your boards!

What time should I arrive?

Our tournaments start at 9 am with Opening Ceremony. Staging times are posted at least a week before tournament. We will not call divisions before their scheduled time.

How soon can I expect to finish?

The staging time represents the earliest moment for your competition, but the actual competition time varies depending on the day. The speed at which we can arrange your entry into the ring relies on factors such as the number of staffed rings, the scheduled divisions preceding yours, and other considerations. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

During the wait, take the opportunity to observe and cheer on the competitors in the neighboring rings!

Is my sparring gear approved?

The CTF suggests the use of sparring gear coated with foam, emphasizing that it must be devoid of any rips or tears. Optimal visibility is achieved with Black or Red gear, while the use of White hand and foot gear is discouraged. The visibility challenge arises from the combination of a white uniform and white gear, making it difficult for judges to observe contact. Here are examples of approved sparring gear for your reference:

My discount code isn't working.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the discount code not working. Please reach out to us at info@ctflegacy.com with your details, and we'll ensure that you receive the discount if it's still valid or arrange a refund to reflect the early discount you're entitled to.

What happens if I can't compete on the day of the tournament?

If circumstances prevent you from participating on the scheduled tournament day, rest assured that we've got you covered. Your registration will seamlessly roll over to the next tournament of your choosing.

What should I wear?

Participants should wear a clean and traditional WHITE  dobok (uniform) to the tournament. Please ensure that the dobok is free of any sharp objects or jewelry that could pose a safety risk.

Will there be food available at the tournament venue?

Food and refreshments will be available for purchase at the tournament venue. Options may include snacks, drinks, and light meals. Please note that outside food and beverages may not be permitted in certain areas.

Can I register on the day of the tournament?

While pre-registration is encouraged to ensure a smooth check-in process, on-site registration will be available depending on space and capacity. However, participants are advised to register in advance to secure their spot in the tournament.

Will there be medical personnel onsite in case of injury?

Yes, trained medical personnel will be onsite throughout the tournament to provide assistance in case of injury or medical emergency. Please notify event staff immediately if you require medical attention.

How will tournament results be communicated?

Tournament results will be announced and displayed at the venue following the conclusion of each event. Additionally, results may be posted online or shared via email with participants.

Are there specific rules or guidelines for spectators regarding seating or behavior during the tournament?

Seating arrangements for spectators will be clearly marked at the venue. We kindly ask all spectators to remain in designated areas and to refrain from disrupting the competition or interfering with participants. Please respect the instructions of event staff to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Are there any volunteer opportunities available for participants looking to contribute to the smooth running of the event?

Yes, we welcome volunteers who are interested in contributing to the smooth running of the event. Volunteer opportunities may include assisting with setup and teardown, registration, scorekeeping, and other event logistics. Interested individuals can contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Can coaches provide guidance or coaching during matches?

No, coaching during matches is not allowed. Participants are expected to compete independently without external guidance or coaching from instructors or coaches. This ensures fair competition and allows participants to showcase their individual skills and abilities on an equal playing field. Coaches and spectators are kindly asked to refrain from providing coaching or guidance during matches to maintain the integrity of the competition.

Approved* Gear Examples:

Head Gear

Foam Dipped by brands: Century, Macho, &  AWMA.
Top Ten/Fighters Inc.

Hand Pads

Foam Dipped by brands: Century, Macho, &  AWMA.
Top Ten/Fighters Inc.
Open Palm, Cloth Covered by Century

Foot Pads

Foam Dipped by brands: Century, Macho, &  AWMA.
Top Ten/Fighters Inc.
Cloth Covered foam by Century

*This list does not encompass all available gear options. Kindly consult with your student’s instructor to explore the choices within your specific school. Regardless of whether a particular gear item is mentioned here, it is subject to approval at the time of competition. It is imperative that all gear remains in good condition, free from any rips or tears. This is for the safety of all competitors.

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